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Washdrops Honored with First Annual Green Award 2012 Product of the Year


WASHDROPS®- receives first annual“green award - 2012 product of the year” from nationally syndicated radio program, AutoWorld


Solon, OH (June 25, 2012)Washdrops® the new hose-less, biodegradable car wash and shine solution from  automotive aftermarket leader, Cequent Consumer Products, has received the inaugural 2012 Green Product of the Year Award from nationally syndicated radio program AutoWorld and award winning host, Bob Long.   Increasing global environmental concerns combined with increased consumer awareness inspired AutoWorld to recognize an industry product for being “green”.    

“It is my pleasure to announce Washdrops as the first recipient of what will now become an annual award from AutoWorld,” said AutoWorld host, Bob Long “After extensive testing by me and my staff, and listener feedback from samples given out during the last several months, Washdrops has proven itself to be the eco-friendly solution to traditional car washing.  Time and time again, Washdrops surprised and delighted users with its ease of use and gleaming shine.”

Long has been a nationally syndicated automotive radio host for over twenty years for multiple auto related programs. He receives numerous requests to evaluate samples from companies and says he was skeptical when he first heard about Washdrops in 2011. It only takes one single bucket of water and a few drops of the Washdrops solution to wash an entire vehicle. Washdrops eliminates the need to deal with a hose because the step to rinse the car is not needed anymore.  

“After extensive testing not only did Washdrops deliver as promised, but it left a wonderful streak-free shine, said Long. “The fact that you don’t have to use a hose to wash your car off after using Washdrops combined with the eco-friendly properties of the product made it an easy decision to recognize Washdrops for our Green Award.  Washdrops is a time saver, water saver and budget saver at an average of only 60 cents per wash.”  

About Washdrops
Made in the USA, WASHDROPS® is convenient, economical and easy to use! For an average size car, just add one ounce (3 capfuls) of WASHDROPS® to one gallon of water. Now you can wash a vehicle anywhere in minutes without running up water bills or driving to an expensive car wash. WASHDROPS® really is “the smart car-wash solution.” Plus WASHDROPS® is biodegradable, non-foaming, solvent-free, and you can pour the remaining water on a lawn or flowerbed when done. WASHDROPS® is available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or one-gallon (up to 128 washes) sizes and is available on  Click here:  For more information visit  

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About AutoWorld
AutoWorld is a live radio program with more than 900,000 weekly listeners. AutoWorld is devoted to America's love affair with the automobile and has quickly grown to become one of the premier automobile shows in the world attracting top journalists, experts and auto personalities on a week-to-week basis and is hosted by award winning broadcast personality, Bob Long.

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