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Cequent Frequently Asked Questions

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This page is where the most common questions and answers are that our customer service teams receives. We hope this helps answer any questions you may have before you contact us.  If your question has not been answered here, please submit your question to our team directly from our contact us page. 


1  - How do I find out which hitch fits my vehicle?

2  - How can I get keys to my locks?

3  - Why do the holes of the hitch brackets not line up with the holes in my vehicles frame

4  - How do I prevent my towing products (ball mounts, locks, etc.) from rusting?

5  - What does GTW mean?

6  - What does TW mean?

7  - Why will my Portable Electric Winch only function in one of the directions?

8  - Why don’t the brackets for the Adjustable Tow Bar fit properly on my vehicle?


1  - What function does each color in the T-Connectors represent?

2  - I plugged in my electrical product the way that the instructions show me and it is not functioning properly or at all. What’s wrong?

3  - Why does my vehicle have 5 wires and your T-connector has 4?

Securing, Anchoring, Loading & Organizing:

1  - My Ratchet has locked up and will not unspool. What should I do?

2  - What does “Rainproof” mean with the Car Top Carrier?

3  - What does “Weather Resistant” mean with the Car Top Carrier?

4  - Can I use a car top carrier on my vehicle if it does not have a roof rack?


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